Allergies &


Are you constantly feeling fatigued, low energy, bloated, have constant sinus infections or body aches? What about hives, runny nose, and arthritis? Food allergies and sensitivities panels provide lists of foods and other allergens your immune system is reacting to. 


Immune Panel (Allergies + Sensitivities) by Genova Labs

Full profile provides 87 IgG to foods, 24 IgG Spices, 21 IgG Vegetarian foods, and IgEs to foods, molds and inhalants and Celiac panel


Mycotox (mold profile) by Great Plains Labs

MycoTOX screens for eleven different mycotoxins, from 40 species of mold, in one urine sample


IgG Food Sensitivities by Great Plains 

Tests for 190 different foods you might experiment a delayed immune response to. Includes gluten and gliadin, dairy and nuts!


Wheat Zoomer by Vibrant Wellness Labs

For the detection of wheat and gluten-related disorders, intestinal permeability, celiac disease, and gluten-related autoimmunity