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Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Did you forget what if feels like to be healthy?

We'll help you heal from within.

We Offer:

Free Exploratory Calls

In-depth Nutrition and Herbal Coaching

Licensed and Certified Professional Practitioners


We Offer Comprehensive

Lab Tests

Functional Lab Tests can help you uncover underlying causes of imbalances in your body, manage chronic conditions and prevent disease

Educational Articles

and Nourishing Recipes

Learn about different supplements and nutrients, health conditions, and how we use nutritional therapy to manage disease as well as handy tips to enhance your lifestyle

How it Works

3. Live your own personalized wellness plan 

2. Complete your patient assessment form

1. Begin your wellness journey. Take your first step today! 

  • Book your 15-min complimentary exploratory call

  • Labs are recommended based on your needs

  • Get an invitation to join our online portal

  • Complete your in-depth confidential assessment form

  • If tests are needed, kits will be delivered to your door

  • Collect the specimen according to the instructions and ship

  • Receive your in-depth nutritional coaching and test reviews

  • Follow your personalized protocol 

  • Book your follow ups & read our healthy living articles


Check out our online store

We carry a wide variety of high-quality medical-grade supplements, herbals, CBD products and more! 

Location & Hours

We are a virtual practice!


Our headquarters is located at:

412 Elden Street, Herndon VA 20170 


Monday - Friday: 9A - 7P

Sat - Sun: Closed