How Our Program Works


STEP 1: Book a Free 15-min consultation (phone, in-person or video chat)


STEP 2: Receive and email and complete a Free Online Assessment form


STEP 3: Test kits are delivered to your door or are available for pick up at our store


STEP 4: Collect the specimen required and ship to the lab (prepaid label)


STEP 5: Download the Practice Better App


STEP 6: Schedule your Follow Up Lab Review (results turnaround varies per test)


STEP 7: Follow your personalized Protocol

Begin your journey by booking your free exploratory call with one of our practitioners.


We’ll discuss your health concerns, diet, exercise, supplement regime, stress and will answer any questions you may have.


We discuss your personal health history, your current diet, rest, exercise and stress, your current environment and exposure to toxic elements.


Our clinician will recommend comprehensive diagnostics, based on your needs, which examine vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies and sensitivities, gut imbalances and dysbiosis (bacteria, candida, parasites), organic acids, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, among others. This will allow us to give you the best possible insight into your health, address root causes and create a plan personalized to your needs.


Please download the Practice better (PB) app in the meantime and get familiar with your portal.

Once the results come back, they’ll be released by your clinician and you’ll be requested to book an appointment to review your results. You can book your appointment through your PB portal or by calling us.


During the consultation, which can be scheduled in person, by phone or video call, we will discuss the findings, and create a personalized meal, supplement and diet plan for you.