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Am I eating too much? Too little? Or just the right amount?

The biggest question we often ask is, how much should I be eating?

You've probably turned to diet websites, to friends and family, and even to social media to figure out just the right amount you should be consuming each day. Even though it may seem complicated, it's actually quite simple, and the key is start by thinking about the five major food groups: Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Meat & Beans, and Whole Grains. 

The USDA suggests the following in terms of daily servings for adults: 

Vegetables: 3 servings

Fruit: 2 servings

Dairy: 2 servings (3 for those 50+)

Meat & Beans: 2 servings 

Whole Grains: 6 servings

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  • Samantha Smith, RDN

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