When none is too much: Constipation

When none is too much: Constipation

You might be one of those people who cringes at terms like "stool," "straining," and "blockage," and perhaps you go to great lengths to avoid any discussion about bathroom habits. If so, you are not alone. Most people think of their bowel function as something to hide or keep private. However, we would all be better off if we started to see bowel movements as a basic, unavoidable, and perfectly healthy thing that the body does. 

The relationship between food and the body boils down to three things. 

- What goes in; 

- What’s absorbed into the cells, where it can be used;

- What comes out. 

You’re probably in the habit of monitoring what goes in, the absorption part you likely take for granted, and it’s quite possible that you don’t pay much attention to what comes out.