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What is the NutrEval Test?


NutrEval is our most comprehensive functional and nutritional assessment including:

  • Organic Acids: providing insight into nutritional cofactor needs, digestive issues, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter metabolism, detoxification, and now Oxalates!

  • Oxidative Stress: indicating problems with antioxidant capacity and oxidative damage

  • Amino Acids: essential and nonessential amino acids to indicate dietary intake, maldigestion or malabsorption, and amino acid metabolism - these can be assessed in either plasma or first morning void urine

  • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids: reflecting dietary intake and metabolism of fatty acids measured in RBC's to assess important fatty acid imbalances

  • Nutrient & Toxic Elements: providing a window into short-term exposures to various toxins along with direct evaluation of key minerals

How is Genova’s Nutritional Testing Different?

  • Genova nutritional testing measures 100s of areas in the body that are impacted by poor nutrition. Your results are presented in a personalized report so that your doctor can help create a plan specific to your needs.

  • Genova’s tests identify subtle imbalances related to many common health issues that can be found before standard labs can detect them.

  • The test allows insights on how nutrition and the environment are impacting your body. Testing can reveal toxic exposures and measure your body’s ability to neutralize those toxins

What Advantage Does the Profile Offer Compared to Other Diagnostics?

The NutrEval Plasma is one of the most comprehensive nutritional profiles available assessing a broad array of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as markers that give insight into digestive function, toxic exposure, mitochondrial function, and oxidative stress.

Genova provides a user-friendly report with clinically actionable results including:

  • Suggested digestive support and vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid recommendations based on an algorithmic calculation of functional need for cofactors in the body's metabolism

  • Functional pillars with a built-in scoring system to guide therapy for methylation support, toxic exposures, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatty acid imbalances, and oxidative stress

  • Interpretation-At-A-Glance pages provide educational information on nutrient function, causes and complications of deficiencies, and dietary sources

Who Might Benefit From NutrEval Testing?

Research suggests that nutritional shortfalls or imbalances may be at the root of many chronic conditions. The NutrEval can help identify specific, personalized recommendations for even the most difficult-to-treat patient cases.

NutrEval Plasma testing is effective for patient concerns such as:

  • Curious about vitamin and mineral needs/ personalized supplement recommendation

  • Mood disorder

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Chronic Pain/Inflammatory Conditions

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Migraine

  • Cardiovascular Risk

  • Weight Issues/Dietary Guidance

  • General Health and Sports Fitness Optimization

Markers in the NutrEval Profile

The Complete NutrEval Plasma Offers:

  • Metabolic Analysis Markers (urine organic acids)

    • Malabsorption and Dysbiosis Markers

      • Malabsorption Markers

      • Bacterial Dysbiosis Markers

      • Yeast/Fungal Dysbiosis Markers

    • Cellular Energy & Mitochondrial Metabolites

      • Carbohydrate Metabolism

      • Energy Metabolism

      • Fatty Acid Metabolism

    • Neurotransmitter Metabolites

    • Vitamin Markers

    • Toxin & Detoxification Markers

    • NEW Oxalate Markers relate to kidney stone formation, oxidative stress and metabolic dysfunction

  • Oxidative Stress Markers

    • Glutathione (whole blood)

    • Lipid Peroxides (urine)

    • 8-OHdG (urine)

    • Coenzyme Q10 (plasma)

  • Elemental Markers

    • Nutrient Elements

      • Copper

      • Magnesium

      • Manganese

      • Potassium

      • Selenium

      • Zinc

    • Toxic Elements

      • Lead

      • Mercury

      • Antimony

      • Arsenic

      • Cadmium

      • Tin

  • Plasma Amino Acid Analysis

    • Nutritionally Essential Amino Acids

    • Nonessential Protein Amino Acids

    • Intermediary Metabolites

    • Dietary Peptide Related Markers

  • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids

    • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    • Omega 6 Fatty Acids

    • Omega 9 Fatty Acids

    • Saturated Fatty Acids

    • Monounsaturated Fats

      • Omega 7 Fats

      • Trans Fat

    • Delta-6 Desaturase Activity

    • Cardiovascular Risk – featuring key ratios: Omega 6/Omega 3, AA/EPA, and the Omega 3 Index


NutrEval $559* 


Heavy metals $0

Vitamin D +$35

Genomic Add-ons:

APO E +$40

MTHFR (A12298C + C677T) +$40

TNFA +$40

COMT (V158M) + $40

NutrEval  + All Add-ons $754* 

*Price includes 45-min nutrition interpretation consultation

Not available for NY state

Sample Report

What Can You Expect from NutrEval Testing?

Imbalanced or insufficient nutrients affect a wide range of body functions, producing symptoms that negatively affect the quality of life and, with some chronic diseases, may be considered a root cause. A structured comprehensive nutritional analysis – such as the NutrEval Plasma profile – to evaluate underlying imbalances provides clinical utility by supporting insight into development of personalized treatments.


 Identification and targeted treatment of underlying imbalance with customized nutrient recommendations can enhance other treatments and increase the patients' overall health and ability to combat chronic illness.

Collection Instructions


4 Days Before The Test

Discontinue all of the following (unless instructed otherwise by your physician).

  • Non-essential medications and/or supplements including acetaminophen and over-the-counter cold remedies; any vitamins, minerals, amino acids (including protein and creatinine supplements)

  • Herbal supplements taken regularly – including enhanced sports drinks, energy drinks, and vitamin waters

  • Products containing artificial sweeteners and Monosodium glutamate (MSG)


24 Hours Before The Test

  • Eat your usual diet. Over-consuming any single food or extreme diets should be avoided.

  • Fluid intake should be limited to eight (8) 8-ounce glasses of fluid 24-hours prior to urine specimen collection.


At Least 8 Hours Before The Test

  • Patients must fast overnight prior to the blood draw

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