Overall Health

Are you consuming and absorbing the right nutrients from your foods? Do you know if your multivitamin is providing the vitamins and minerals for your body's needs? 

These tests provide the vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, amino acids and antioxidant  status in your body. They will will  identify the functional nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies. 


NutrEval Micronutrient Profile by Genova Labs

NutrEval is Genova's most comprehensive nutritional evaluation designed to assist with  nutritional deficiencies. 

Organic Acids by Great Plains Labs


The test provides an accurate metabolic snapshot of what is going on in the body by measuring organic compounds in urine

 Micronutrient Testing by Spectracell Labs

Test your intracellular levels of 35 vitamins, minerals, amino acids/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites 


Lipoprotein Particle Testing (LPP) by Spectracell Laboratories

Unlike traditional cholesterol tests, LPP measures the number of lipoprotein particles in LDL and HDL including Lp(a) and...