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Meet the Team

Jimmy Manna,RPh.


Jimmy is a licensed pharmacist with over 25 year experience in retail pharmacy.  He completed his BS in Pharmacy from Howard University in Washington DC and has worked at renowned locations including Kaiser, Giant and CVS.  

Jimmy has extensive experience working directly with customers to address their healthcare needs.  Over the years, Jimmy developed passion for helping people stay healthy.  Using well established protocols, Jimmy always advocated the need to live a healthy lifestyle.  Diet, exercise and supplements are often at the core what Jimmy advised his customers.  


Jimmy is also very careful when dispensing medications to make sure that customers understand the potential impact of medicine on nutrients in the body.  He often makes recommendations to help mitigate some of the medicines side effects using quality supplements and diets.   


Jimmy also takes time to educate customers on the benefits of supplements and how to chose the right supplements that are appropriate for their age and wellness needs. 

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