Why Personalized Meal Plans?

  • Weight management - solved at last!

    It may be easy to lose weight initially, but it’s much harder to keep it off long-term.

    Meal plans carry you to the finish line by giving your body exactly what it needs.

  • No more guess work; you can just follow the plan.

    Since everybody is different and has their own goals, we develop a plan with just the right nutritional counts for your needs and weight loss goals.

    No need to spend all your time counting calories: we’ve got it all covered!

  • Flavor, Variety, & Fun!

    People often associate dieting with monotony and limitations, thinking they need to eat the same 5 foods every day or resort to bland, flavorless meals. ​

    We have over 3000+ delicious recipes to fit your personal tastes and ensure that you always look forward to mealtime!


How it works

  • 1. Share Your Goals

    Start by filling out a simple survey. Tell us about your dietary restrictions, lifestyle, and objectives.

  • 2. We Craft Your Menu

    Using over 60 data points, our nutritionists craft a menu that aligns perfectly with your nutritional needs, with over 3,000 recipes ensuring variety and satisfaction.

  • 3. Enjoy Your Meals

    Get a weekly nutritionist-crafted meal plan, complete with shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes. Save time and enjoy nutritious meals that taste great and are easy to make.


Special Condition? Special Preferences? We got you covered!

  • Plans for your lifestyle

    ✔️ Vegan
    ✔️ Vegetarian
    ✔️ Pescatarian
    ✔️ Gluten-free
    ✔️ Dairy-free
    ✔️ Weight loss
    ✔️ Muscle-building
    ✔️ Family-friendly

  • Plans for your conditions

    ✔️ Low Glycemic
    ✔️ Low FODMAP
    ✔️ Anti-Candida
    ✔️ Low Histamine
    ✔️ Low Oxalate
    ✔️ Ketogenic
    ✔️ & more


Choose Your Plan

Explore the benefits with a one-week trial or commit to long-term healthy & delicious meals.
Enjoy the flexibility to start or pause your meal plans whenever you need, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your schedule, even if you're away from home:

  • 1 week: $95
  • 2 weeks: $170 (Save $20)
  • 3 weeks: $250 (Save $35)
  • 4 weeks: $320 (Save $60)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our nutritionists will take your dietary restrictions and preferences into account to create your ideal weekly meal plan(s).

However, if you are not completely satisfied with our personalized choices, we can change up to 3 recipes per weekly meal plan to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

What You Get

✔️ Weekly Custom Meal Plan

✔️ Easy-to-follow Recipes

✔️ Shopping List

Ready to Build Your Nutritionist-Approved Menu?



Why is a meal plan right for me?

Meal plans can be really targeted to address your nutritional needs. If you’ve tried every fad diet on the market, you're too busy for planning, measuring, and counting calories or you're bored of having the same meals every day, a meal plan may be right for you.

Why is it important that my custom meal plan is developed by a clinical nutritionist?

Your health is important, you want an expert in the field to tell you what to eat to optimize your diet. A clinical nutritionist has insight in: nutrients, calories, macros, fiber, healthy goals, protein targets, nutritional value, more. This is the best person to build a custom meal plan for you.

Is this a weight loss program?

This is not a weight loss program, but we do work around your goals. So if you want to lose weight, we will create a meal plan around your caloric, macro and vitamin needs to help you achieve your goals. We provide a menu, a shopping list and recipes for every meal.

Do you offer meal plans for the whole family?

Yes, you can select how many family members will eat from plan created.

Can I request my plan to be vegan or vegetarian?

Yes! We create vegan and vegetarian plans and make sure you’re consuming enough protein and other macros to support your lifestyle.

Can I request my plan to be dairy free or gluten free?

Yes, we offer dairy-free and gluten-free. You can select from a wide array of other restrictions such as: dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, egg-free, seafood-free, grain-free, corn-free, night shade-free, oil-free, sugar-free. If you have any other dietary request, you can contact our team.

Do you accommodate the plan to exclude foods I’m allergic and sensitive to?

Yes, you will answer a survey to help us understand your goals, needs and restrictions. We will ask about foods you’re allergic, sensitive of just want to avoid overall. There is a final note where you can add any additional comments you want to share with us.

What does the package include?

The package that you’ll get includes: a full menu (7 days per week) with 3 meals and 0-3 snacks (depending on your needs and goals); a shopping list with all ingredients and quantities you’ll need, and simple, easy-to-follow recipes for all plates provided.

What is the cost of the full service?

Prices vary depending on how many weeks of meals you want.

1 week (7 days): $95

2 weeks (14 days): $170 (Save $20)

3 weeks (21 days): $250 (Save $35)

4 weeks (28 days): $320 (Save $60)