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Dieting can be hard. Let us make it easy for you.

One of the greatest hurdles to weight loss is reshaping our eating habits.

We simplify your dieting experience by creating customized meal plans adapted to your specific needs. Enjoy delicious and diverse recipes, ready-to-go shopping lists, and the confidence of finally having found your winning solution.

Find your long-haul weight management solution.

It may be easy to lose weight initially, but it’s much harder to keep it off long-term.

Meal plans carry you to the finish line by giving your body exactly what it needs.

Take the grunt and guess work out of healthy eating.

Since everybody is different and has their own goals, we develop a plan with just the right nutritional counts for your needs and weight loss goals.

No need to spend all your time logging calories and counting macros: we’ve got it all covered!

Variety is the spice of life, and meal planning too!

People often associate dieting with monotony and limitations, thinking they need to eat the same 5 foods every day or resort to bland, flavorless meals. ​

We have over 3000+ delicious recipes to fit your personal tastes and ensure that you always look forward to mealtime!

Start by sharing your goals and preferences


There are so many benefits of customizing your meal plan

Here's just a few

Lose weight in a 
healthy way

When you have a balanced meal filled with nutrient-dense food prepped and ready to go, you eliminate the urge to turn to fast and unhealthy food options.

Improve energy
and stamina

A personalized meal plan helps ensure that your body’s nutritional needs are met so that you can feel your very best every day.

Provide healthy meals for
you and your family

Meal planning streamlines your shopping and lets you prepare delicious, healthy recipes that the entire family will love.

... or address any dietary needs you might have.

How it works


Tell us about your
goals & preferences

You begin by answering an electronic survey to customize your plan. We will gather information on your goals, lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and more. More Information


We personalize
your menu

We use over 60 data points to build a menu just for you! We have over 3000 recipes to guarantee you'll always have different options. You will also receive a shopping list and easy-to-follow recipes as part of your plan.


You enjoy your
customized meal plan

We know the challenges: not enough time and not knowing what is good for you or your family. That's why we're here!

The personalized plan will help you save time on deciding, cooking and shopping.

Our licensed nutritionists build tailored plans to meet your needs

Plans for your lifestyle

Vegan Vegetarian Pescatarian Gluten-free Dairy-free Weight loss Muscle-building Family-friendly

Plans for your conditions

Low Glycemic Low FODMAP Anti-Candida Low Histamine Low Oxalate Ketogenic

Endless variety so you never run out of meal ideas.

We have +3000 delicious recipes curated and approved by nutritionists.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We will do our best to take your dietary restrictions and preferences into account to create your ideal weekly meal plan(s).

However, if you are not completely satisfied with our personalized choices, we can change up to 3 recipes per weekly meal plan to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

What You Get

Weekly Custom Meal Plan Easy-to-follow Recipes Shopping List

Ready to Build Your 

Personalized Menu?


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