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A GLUTEN-FREE NATURAL SUPPLEMENT THAT SUPPORTS HEALTHY URIC ACID LEVELS*+ The kidneys normally remove uric acid from the body, but if your levels become unhealthy, problems can arise. Gouch!™ is an award-winning blend of antioxidants and herbs designed to support a healthy inflammatory response a......Read more
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Gouch! is an award-winning blend of antioxidants and herbs designed to encourage a healthy immune system function, healthy kidney function and support healthy uric acid levels.*+

Gouch! targets the following 3 key functions:


  • promotes normal, healthy kidney function*
  • supports healthy uric acid levels*
  • encourages a healthy immune system function*




Cherry (Prunus aviumFruit Extract (concentrated 10:1) has antioxidant properties and supports normal uric acid levels*+

Healthy Kidney Blend nourishes kidney function, important for healthy uric acid metabolism*


  • Boerhavia (Boerhavia diffusa) Root Extract
  • Couch Grass (Agropyron repens) Extract



Ginger (Zingiber officinaleRoot Extract (standardized to contain: 5% gingerols) supports healthy immune system function and provides circulatory support.*

Quercetin promotes healthy uric acid levels*

+ already within the normal range

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