What's the Difference between Cannabis and Hemp?

What's the Difference between Cannabis and Hemp?

It’s a question that confuses many people. After all, cannabis is the illegal stuff that people put in joints and hemp is what hippies make clothes out of, right?

But what if we told you that cannabis and hemp are the same plant – just one has higher levels of THC – the compound that gets people high – and the other has only trace amounts, at less than 0.2%.

In the past the words cannabis and hemp were interchangeable and it’s only recently that the separation has been made for legal reasons.

If you take a look at our video filmed in the Endoca hemp fields, you’ll see that our hemp plants look exactly the same as cannabis plants with high THC. It’s only a lab analysis that can tell the difference.

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Indica vs Sativa
The same problem arises when people start describing different species of plants as some kind of meaningful classification with regards to cannabinoid content, this infographic explains the myths and facts between Sativa and Indica.

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